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About 5 Star Tailoring

"Fitting you nicely" isn't just a buzz phrase.  Our customers and clients constantly tell us how great the fit is after we worked on their clothing.
Go shop for special clothes.
And then come see us !
Bring us your favorite pieces of clothing!  We understand about sentimental value.  Come visit us so we can build a great relationship with you in our special community.

Our History


We started in clothing over 20 years ago.  Since then, we've worked with so many great customers and clothing clients and are excited to have found a new place to call home - the Biggest Little City in the World - Reno!  
Thank you for welcoming us into such a great community.


The owner, Dava, has an exceptional reputation in the clothing and fashion world for her expertise, helpful nature, and strong work ethic.  She's worked with designers, entrepreneurs, and students who want to make their mark in fashion.  Her expertise in sewing, alterations, and other tailoring needs has given her a good reputation for solid, clean work. 


Our services at 5 Star Tailoring also extend beyond tailoring to include design consultation so if you have an idea for a dress, suit, blouse, shorts, or anything clothing just let us know.

Everything clothing is our expertise.

Since we've opened in Reno it has been an exciting journey for us.  Everyone we've met has been great and we look forward to serving the community and contributing to its growth.


Our Expertise


Everything Clothing!

20 years strong in the industry and looking forward to another with all the great people in Reno.


Our Commitment


"Fitting you nicely" is our goal.

Our focus is on taking care of your clothing needs.  Whether it's tailoring a valued garment, adjustment to your favorite jeans, or planning for a wedding we promise to help you feel comfortable and look good!

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